A Little About Me

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Lony Maya Neubauer grew up on the Island of Föhr in the very northern part of Germany. The warm climate and college brought her to California years ago. Lony has lived in Northern and Southern California, however, now resides here in Vallejo, a waterfront community about 40 minutes northeasterly from San Francisco.

Lony first came in contact with clay during her junior high-school year, and the desire to start working with clay again grew stronger over the years, and the continuing appreciation for the visual arts is what led Lony to in January of 2018 to start a ceramics class in Walnut Creek, California.

In October of 2018, Lony joined the Mare Island Art Studios, formerly known as Coal Shed Art Studio on Mare Island. Lony is very honored to be among the 18 other very talented resident artists, an eclectic group of painters, ceramicists, sculptors, metalworkers, woodworkers, printmakers, photographers, textile artists and makers of various other mediums, whom provide help for all makers and regularly exhibit events at their gallery at the the Mare Island Art Studios.

Lony considers herself a studio potter making functional, wheel thrown and hand-built ceramics. She enjoys working with porcelain but on occasions works with a darker clay body.

She enjoys creating exclusive batches of vibrant color mugs for the homes and the dining room table. She also loves exploring other forms and décor. Typically, she incorporates mid-century modern as well as abstract designs into her pottery, but often enjoys leaving a created piece simple.

Adding color to the surface but omitting the final glaze to create a demonstrative contrast between the outside and the glazed inside of the pieces. Often decoration is applied using colorful underglazes, designs and carved repeating patterns.

Lony enjoys the connection pottery creates between the maker and the holder of each piece. There is a moment during the creation process she feels when the vessel is ready, where she visualizes the final piece, which will be used on the table or rest on the mantel as décor. That moment is indefinite, forever, and is satisfying in every way as a maker of ceramics.

Every piece Lony creates is meant for everyday use. During the throwing, turning and drying process each piece is then fired, glazed and again fired to either medium or high temperatures in an electric kiln. Each piece she creates is food safe, dishwasher safe, stain resistant, and some are oven proof.

The photo on the right is a beautiful water front view taken by me from the Mare Island Art Studios. I love the “zen view” of our waterfront and think this is a perfect setting for enjoying nature and the outdoors, creating and to sit at my pottery wheel and working peacefully.

All photographs on my website were taken by me.


The view of the Napa River

The view of the Napa River

HISTORY of the Mare island art studios formerly known as

Coal Shed Art Studio

Coal Shed Studios was founded in 1999 by artist Tim Rose in an  8,000 square foot historic building, originally used to store coal on the Mare Island Naval Shipyard.

The Studio became Coal Shed Art Studios, LLC in 2017 and 2018 were uprooted to make way for renovation of the coal sheds but were happily able to relocate to a slightly larger warehouse a couple of blocks away. The new building provides work and gallery space for 19 artists (and the occasional critter). The eclectic group includes painters, ceramicists, sculptors, metalworkers, woodworkers, printmakers, photographers, textile artists and makers of various mediums and more.

Solo and group exhibitions are held in the Gallery. The Coal Shed Studio participates in and hosts a variety of art-related events such as Vallejo Open Studios, Guest artist solo shows, poetry readings, and figure drawing sessions.

The gallery is open by appointment and during shows, to find out more visit coalshedartstudios.com.